PRESI, a Tokyo real estate company, is the first website in the world to be launched on the Internet, built on a digital twin metaverse building. Zweispace has started to connect real estate to the Internet!

PRESI (Chiyoda-ku) used Zweispace’s digital twin technology to publish a 3D model of its office in Jimbocho on its website.

( When you go to the site, a 3D building will appear, and you can go directly to each floor without an elevator by pressing the “Tab key” and selecting a floor. )

PRESI began handling digital twin real estate in June this year, and in July, it launched a recording service for real estate registration and other services with a solicitor office using ZweiChain’s real estate registration system “RegisterKight”.

Yuya Ishii (CEO of PRESI)

“In the future, when the era shifts from smartphones to spatial computers, we expect that real estate and buildings, which have been difficult to be affected by the Internet in the past, will be greatly affected and benefited.

Hayato Kameda (CEO of ZWEISPACE)

“PRESI will be the first real estate company to put a three-dimensional building in the metaverse and connect it directly to the Internet. We have been working with PRESI on various projects so far, and I think that PRESI has the best understanding of real estate x Internet. JUST AS AMAZON SEEMS TO HAVE ESTABLISHED ITSELF AS A PLACE TO FIND GOOD BOOKS REGARDLESS OF THE SIZE OF THE BOOKSTORE, AND NETFLIX HAS HAD A STRONG REACH AND ABILITY TO CREATE CONTENT WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT EXISTING MEDIA, I THINK THAT THE PERSON WHO UNDERSTANDS THE FLOW OF THIS SPATIAL COMPUTER BEST WILL BE ACTIVE IN THE NEW ERA OF THE INTERNET. This time, as we did with broadband Internet era, video chat, and online games, we will start in Japan first, so we hope that this time we will quickly expand from Japan to the whole country after a long time, without waiting for the world to introduce it first and come full circle.

In addition, until now, priority has been given to overseas seminars and awards have been received in the center of the global IT industry, such as Silicon Valley, but this fall we will hold a seminar caravan in Japanese as well, so I hope that the people of Japan will consider introducing it as soon as possible

Digital Twin Real Estate Brokerage

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Launch of Digital Twin Real Estate Brokerage, Zbai Space, and Digital Twin of Apparel Store and Residential Building at PRESI’s Properties in Tokyo |

3D Digital Twin Real Estate Shop

Agent fee discount campaign through digital twin transaction “Ohudokun”

ohudokun smartcontract agent fee discount

A service that rolls the dice and discounts brokerage fees on digital twin real estate. The probability of dice on the blockchain is also not cheatable.

Real estate ( ) brokerage, real estate management “Kohudokun”

Click here for the rental portal site

Click here for the site for real estate agents on the rental property management side (please contact us)

Digital Twin Real Estate Agent Brokerage License “Real Estate Agent Flag” NFT

The digital twin real estate license is an NFT and is proof of a global awareness. 5,000,000 JPY will be deposited for real estate brokerage in Japan, but 5,000,000 ZWC will be deposited worldwide for real estate brokerage on the digital side. ZWC is a unit of coin that can be used on various real estate apps and metaverses of Zweispace.

In Japan, ZWC is a partner base that has a “Real Estate Agency Flag” NFT, and it is distributed to those who have received the services of each partner. In addition, you can receive coins instead of a discount on the brokerage fee of Ohudokun, and you can also receive coins back when using a rental portal in real estate agent shop.

Digital twin real estate agency brokerage “Digital Twin Manager”

For real estate brokerage on the digital side of the digital twin, the digital twin manager is in charge of blockchain transactions. The Digital Twin Manager Exam has already been held multiple times since 2023, and the average annual salary is currently more than 15 million yen, which is one of the highest annual salaries in Japan, reflecting market expectations.  With the qualification to monopolize the transaction business of digital twin real estate, it is expected that Digital Twin Manager holder will continue to play an active role as an expert in blockchain, AI, 3D digital products, and IoT.

In November, PRESI opened an office in Marunouchi Nijubashi to expand its operations.

For inquiries, please contact us at 03-6837-5973. 10 a.m. ~ 5 p.m.