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Earthquake (NMZ)

1. Project Overview:

– NAMAZU is a unique token project that combines blockchain technology with earthquake solutions.

– The project aims to address seismic risks, enhance disaster preparedness, and contribute to sustainable development.

– Zweispace, the company behind NAMAZU, focuses on real estate technology, property management, and earthquake-related innovations.

2. NAMAZU Token (NMZ):

– Purpose: The NAMAZU token serves as a utility token within the ecosystem.

– Functionality: It facilitates transactions related to earthquake solutions, property assessments, and disaster risk reduction.

– Total Supply: There are 2,000,000 NAMAZU tokens in total.

– Distribution:

– Offering: 600,000 tokens (distributed in phases)

– Contributor: 800,000 tokens

– Project: 600,000 tokens

– Emergency Pool: 4,000,000 tokens

– Protocol: NAMAZU tokens operate on the Zweichain protocol.

3. Namazu Earthquake Resistant Application:

– Namazu is a mobile app developed by Zweispace.

– Purpose: It allows users to assess the earthquake resistance of their homes.

– Features:

– Users input their address, and the app calculates the probability of an earthquake with an intensity of 6 or higher occurring within the next 30 years in Tokyo.

– The app provides valuable information for homeowners, renters, and real estate professionals.

– Safety Impact: By promoting awareness and encouraging earthquake-resistant measures, Namazu contributes to a safer urban environment.

4. Vision and Impact:

– Zweispace envisions a world where blockchain technology and data-driven solutions enhance disaster resilience.

– The NAMAZU project aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities).

– Through NAMAZU, Zweispace aims to create a positive impact on urban safety, property management, and disaster risk reduction.

Remember that NAMAZU is not just a token; it represents a commitment to building a more resilient and secure future.

NAMAZU token

Ticker: NMZ

Function: earthquake solutions


Token structure:

Total mint: 2,000,000

Offering: 600,000 ( phases )

Contributor: 800,000

Project: 600,000

Emergency Pool: 4,000,000

Protocol: Zweichain

Field of Application: SDGs, earthquake solutions


Namazu token logo

Namazu token logo


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